Kalarippayattu is a traditional martial/medical art of Kerala, India. It is often referred as the 'mother of martial arts'. It is believed that other martial arts like Karate and Kung-fu come from Kalarippayattu after being taken to China by Buddhist monks from Kerala during the sixth century.

The movements in Kalarippayattu embody the external and internal essence of animals. The sequences are dance-like in their gracious, undulating fluidity. Yet behind the fluid grace is the strength and power of movements, if necessary be applied with lightning speed and precision, to defend yourself from any deadly attack.

Sreenivasan Edappurath, with 12 years of experience in Kalarippayattu, now conducts regular classes in Kalarippayattu in Paris, France. Courses are designed to provide easy accessibility of Kalarippayattu to anyone who wishes to learn and to practice it in their daily life. Classes are conducted at the heart of Paris, with timings that can fit in your schedule. He also gives Kalari massages at place and time of your convenience.

He also conducts various workshops and demonstrations on Kalarippayattu all over Europe.

Kalarippayattu is just not a martial art for self-defence, but it's exercises also help to develop the fluid body of humours and saps, flexibility, balance, concentration, control of body and awarness - in short, it helps you to stay fit. Kalari massage, based on Ayurveda, enhances the ability to endure fatigue and to acquire a characteristic internal and external ease of movement, body fluidity and most important of all, helps you release stress.