My Yoga experience began with Shreemati Edappurath Bharathi Amma, who is a Bhakti yogini, in my childhood. Then I followed the teachings of Shri P. K. Balan Gurukkal and Dr Sankara Narayanan, an ayurvedic vaidya as well as a Raja yoga practitioner.

I also completed a training with Yoga Siromani Shri Gurukkal Suvrathan, and Kaya Kalpa Yoga in the center of Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi in the tradition of South Indian Siddha Yoga.

Later in France I met and practiced with the founder of Agni Yoga, Yogi Shri Arun Thakur.

The master training with Yogiraj Sunil Dahiya (founder of Advance Bahirang Systems of Yoga) in different traditions and the sharing of his personal experiences from Himalayan masters gave me a new insight on Yoga.